Have you ever wondered what a stay in a capsule hotel would be like? Made famous by images of Japanese pod hotels, this fascinating new way to travel opens up whole new vistas for budget travelers who don’t feel comfortable in hostels. Now we’re seeing more high-end pod experiences enter the market, too, don’t you think it’s time you gave it a try?

Capsule Hotels: An Overview

Capsule Hotels were designed as a way to provide cheap, safe sleeping spaces to Japanese businessmen who had to work late or who missed the train in Osaka, Japan. From there the idea has blossomed into a global hotel revolution that’s captured the popular imagination.

What Are Capsule Hotels?

In a capsule hotel, instead of an assigned room, you receive a capsule or ‘pod’. This is a small space designed around a comfortable bed, for you to lie down and relax. There’s no frills and fuss, just a private space to get a great night’s sleep in comfort knowing that you and your possessions are safe.

Where Do Capsule Hotels Come From?

As we mentioned above, capsule hotels were originally single-gender spaces where Japanese businessmen could spend the night safely without worry for them or their families. In fact, if you use pod hotels in Japan, even today, you’ll find many facilities cater only for men or women, for this reason. From here, a reinvention in how we think of holiday spaces was born.

Capsule Hotel Amenities

The precise amenities each capsule hotel will have are heavily dependent on the chain and its style choices. However, most pod hotels offer shared amenities like bathrooms and showers, similar to a hostel environment. Unlike hostels, however, there’s no upper age range and you can’t ‘age out’, and you aren’t forced to be sociable with the people around you. Some modern pod hotels, however, have been redesigned for more luxurious experiences, and may include amenities like saunas. 

Capsule Hotels: Advantages & Disadvantages

What makes a pod hotel experience special? As with all hotel types, they have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look. 

Advantages of Capsule Hotels

If you opt for a pod hotel over any other style, what will you get out of the experience?

Advantage #1 – Cost

Because they’ve invested in a minimal design and aesthetic, capsule hotels offer great prices across the board. You can experience some of the best holiday destinations in the world for so much less

Advantage #2 – Convenient check-in

Because there’s no room to show you or for the maid service to keep up, most pod hotels are able to allow extended check ins. Some may even allow for a 24-hour check-in! This can be amazing for travelers who don’t like to be tied to a schedule, or business people with early and late meetings to consider. 

Advantage #3 – Experience amazing locations

Both due to the low cost and the smaller infrastructure needs of capsule hotels, they’re able to be built in areas that have traditionally been ‘no go’ for budget travelers. This means you can stay in amazing places you could never previously experience. 

Disadvantages of Capsule Hotels

If a capsule hotel experience is starting to sound perfect, what cons should you consider?

Disadvantage #1 – Stacking

Most hotels don’t lay the pods side-by-side in a single line. Instead, they stack them 2 or even 3 rows high. This can make accessing them uncomfortable for some people.  It can also cut down on the sense of privacy you have.

Disadvantage #2 – Mostly solo

Obviously, this is a hotel type best enjoyed by solo travelers or groups of adult friends. It’s a little difficult to share as a couple, and most are not set up for travel with kids at all. 

Disadvantage #3 – Shared facilities

While it does depend on the hotel, be aware that many of your amenities- including bathrooms- will be shared with at least some of the other pod travelers sleeping alongside you.

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