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Not all pod hotels have windows. It will depend on the layout of the hotel itself. However, they put considerable work into making the pods feel big and spacious, so you won’t feel it’s too tight. Feel free to ask your hotel staff for specifics

Pod Hotels, also called capsule hotels, blend curated experiences with minimalist ‘capsule’ rooms that contain space for sleeping only. They allow travellers looking for a unique experience on a budget, and digital nomads who don’t need the frills, to enjoy luxurious experiences for less

Capsule hotels, sometimes called pod hotels, provide minimalistic private sleeping spaces instead of full rooms. This allows for a less expensive, but curated and intentional, option for travelers on a budget or those who feel room amenities are a waste, creating a unique travel experience

The facilities at pod hotels will vary based on the chain and concept. While some pod hotels offer soundproofing, others will not. It’s always a good idea to do your research prior to booking to ensure you’ll have the features you need

There are many differences between capsule hotels and hostels. Hostels are shared dorm-like budget accommodations providing little to no privacy. Capsule hotels offer private sleeping spaces with minimalistic sleeping areas instead of rooms while still providing communal areas for socialization. Hostels are great if you’re young and socially outgoing, whereas capsule hotels cater to a wider range of people

Capsule hotels often have spacious communal bathrooms with individual showers & water closets. Some top-end facilities will also offer a sauna or similar experience. Due to the size of the pod, there are no private bathing facilities within the pod itself. Remember that your hotel will always be happy to check specific details with you.

Unless you’re booking an airport pod for a quick nap between flights, capsule hotels work the same as any other hotel. You can stay for however long you would like. So if you’re keen to experience this novel form of travel, go ahead

Capsule hotels are very safe. All high-quality pod hotels will offer you secure storage for your belongings. Some pods may lock, and others may not, depending on local laws around saftey. Japanese pods do not lock by law. In larger facilities, access to floors is restricted for additional safety.

Inside a capsule hotel pod, you will find a bed with a door and/or curtain as your private space. There will be many shared amenities, including bathrooms and showers. There should also be lockers and other provisions to ensure your safety and that of your belongings.

In a capsule hotel, there will be shared bathroom facilities. The precise arrangement will be determined by the chain and cost. Many operate shared amenities similar to hostels. There is no space for private bathroom facilities within the pod itself.  Remember to check the details with your hotel

Capsule hotels offer a safe and affordable place to stay for people who’d rather live their adventure than stay in their room. Offering a more private environment and wider age range than hostels, capsule hotels offer travelers convenience at a great price. Many also have top-end amenities you can enjoy, like Stay Open

Capsule hotels evolved to fill the need for safe temporary accommodation among Japanese business travelers who couldn’t get home in one night from business travel. So they focus on a minimal ‘pod’ experience that will keep you and your belongings secure rather than provide luxury in-room amenities. This is how capsule hotels remain inexpensive

Pod hotels are very cost-effective. The exact cost will vary by location. Stay Open (on Venice Beach), for example, averages $69 a night. Capsule hotels in Japan average 2,000-5,000 yen a night. Pod hotels are often the cheapest and most convenient lodging accommodation available.

Rooms in pod hotels vary in size. Most are in the 4ft by 7 ft by 3.5ft range. Others have small rooms attached, averaging 120 square ft. They are roomy enough for one person to enjoy easily. Some pod hotels are spacious enough for two.

Pod hotels can be very comfortable. Some capsules have TVs and most typically have customizable climate control features to help you stay comfortable. For those that don’t suffer from claustrophobia, pod hotels can be a very comfortable lodging accommodation

Traditional Japanese capsule hotels do not offer breakfast. However, many modern budget-traveler-friendly pod hotels vary from the original model and your pod hotel may have free breakfast included. Others run more like a hostel, offering cost savings for minimal mod-cons. Feel free to check this with your hotel at the time of booking

There are many advantages to a pod hotel. Think absolute budget-friendly accommodation in amazing destinations. Pod hotels are often at least half the cost of local budget hotels and feature a hygienic place to sleep, safety for your possessions, and, in some instances, a 24-hour check-in.

Pod hotels that allow for longer-term stays often offer a safe location to put your belongings. Most have secure lockers, allowing you to stow larger luggage. It is recommended that you keep small items like phones, wallets and media devices in your capsule with you overnight

Whether pets are allowed in a pod hotel depends on the chain. Original Japanese pod hotels cater to single business people and do not. Many other pod hotels do not allow pets due to the simple logistics. It is recommended that you contact the hotel prior to booking to confirm

Typically, capsule hotels are designed for one person to stay per pod. Some are designed for couples. Large groups of friends or travelers can check in to the accommodation, of course. You will be assigned your own sleeping pod individually. For comfort, try to keep to one person per pod.

Whether your pod hotel will have parking spaces is highly dependent on chain and location. In many premium locations, such as in Los Angeles and New York, it would be impossible to have an attached parking facility. They can likely recommend a close-by safe facility, however, and may even have agreements in place. Double check this feature before you plan.

Most pod hotels do need you to checkout on time. Many will, however, try to accommodate you if possible. There may be a fee attached. This is something best discussed with the pod hotel you will be booking at to make sure you will be able to check out late.

Almost every pod hotel has personal lockers or some other way for you to secure your valuables. We would still advise that you take your electronics, wallet, passports, and other small and valuable items into the pod itself with you. That way you have utter peace of mind, and can respond well in an emergency, too.