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  • STAY OPEN transforms any property into high-end, socially engaging, affordable hotels and co-living properties. 
  • We bring value to our members through the creation of unique experiences, curation of artful and cozy spaces, and blending that with our cutting-edge technology. A true mosaic of human connection. 

Our Pods are your cozy and warm sanctuary while you stay with us. Each Pod a has customizable lighting and shelving so you and your any/many moods can have some space to be however you want to be. Oh, and they are suuuuper comfy for sleeping, too. Duh! 🙂

  • STAY OPEN venues will be hubs for live events and experiences, including but not limited to: art showcases, live music, movie screenings, yoga, group fitness, surfing, outdoor activity lessons, meditation, cooking and drink-making how-tos, burlesque shows, and talks. We are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to bring people together. Have an awesome experience that you would like to provide? Let us know in the app! 
  • People from different companies and projects working together in a shared environment designed to enhance productivity and creativity.


  • Coworkers pool resources to create an inspired workspace at a more affordable price and often make meaningful connections along the way.  
  • Humans coming together to share a living space that enhances the lives of the residents. Co-living can create an environment of high comfort in a desirable environment, along with social belonging at a lower cost. Coliving continues to grow as people seek flexibility, human connectivity, and spaces that support working and creating. We are social animals! Being around other people is cool!


  • At STAY OPEN, we are creating a growing collection of living venues throughout California and across the country. We offer members location independence, the ability to work from anywhere, access to an incredible growing community of members, and engaging events. Our spaces are comfortable, inspiring, and support both short and long stays. 
  • Member well being and comfort is our highest priority. We have implemented the following steps in order to protect all of those in our spaces. 
    • Contactless arrival and departure 
    • Professional cleaning of all spaces 
    • Providing antimicrobial soap, hand sanitizer, and other supplies as needed 
    • EPA approved cleaning supplies available throughout the space

What to bring (and not)


  • Anything you will need to live and work in our space! This includes, toiletries, clothes, laptop, etc. 


  • Anything you want to share with us! This you use to cook, make art, or anything else!


  • A good attitude and open heart!


  • Pets. We love furry friends, however, not all of our guests may! No member or guest pets allowed on premises.


  • Anything illegal.


  • Weapons. We do not tolerate violence. 


  • No flammable or hazardous materials. No candles allowed.