In the vibrant city of Los Angeles, nestled in the bohemian paradise of Venice Beach, lies a hidden gem that caters specifically to the needs of digital nomads and travelers. Stay Open, a revolutionary capsule hotel, offers a unique and immersive experience designed to enhance productivity, and provide comfort. This innovative accommodation concept has quickly gained recognition as the go-to destination for those seeking a blend of convenience, affordability, and a vibrant community. In this blog post, we will delve into the reasons why Stay Open is the best hotel for digital nomads and travelers in Venice Beach LA, exploring its features, amenities, and the remarkable benefits it offers to its guests.

Prime Location

Located in the heart of Venice Beach, Stay Open offers an unparalleled location that appeals to both digital nomads and travelers. The vibrant neighborhood is renowned for its artistic atmosphere, stunning beaches, and bustling tech scene. With easy access to the famous Venice Boardwalk, Abbot Kinney Boulevard, and a myriad of trendy cafes, restaurants, and shops, guests have everything they need at their doorstep.

For digital nomads, proximity to co-working spaces and tech hubs, such as Silicon Beach, makes Stay Open an ideal choice. Commuting is a breeze, enabling professionals to maximize their productivity while enjoying the beachside lifestyle. Travelers, on the other hand, can explore Venice Beach’s unique culture, indulge in local cuisines, and soak up the vibrant atmosphere with ease. The hotel’s prime location ensures that guests can effortlessly immerse themselves in the best that Los Angeles has to offer.

Cutting-Edge Capsule Design

Stay Open’s capsule design is a standout feature that sets it apart from traditional accommodations. Each capsule is thoughtfully designed with functionality, privacy, and comfort in mind. The minimalist yet stylish interiors provide a cozy retreat, equipped with all the essentials needed for a comfortable stay. Guests can enjoy a private space to work, rest, and rejuvenate, thanks to the soundproof walls and adjustable lighting within each capsule.

The ergonomic workstations integrated into the capsules allow digital nomads to stay focused and be productive throughout their stay. With ample storage space and smart solutions, such as built-in power outlets and USB ports, guests can conveniently charge their devices and keep their belongings organized. The capsule design optimizes space utilization without compromising on comfort, making Stay Open a practical and efficient choice for modern-day travelers.

State-of-the-Art Co-working Spaces

Stay Open understands the importance of a conducive workspace for digital nomads and professionals on the go. The hotel boasts state-of-the-art co-working spaces equipped with high-speed internet, ergonomic chairs, and spacious workstations. These co-working areas provide a vibrant atmosphere where guests can collaborate, network, and share ideas.

Moreover, Stay Open hosts regular events, and networking sessions within the co-working spaces. These events facilitate meaningful connections among guests, fostering a sense of community and creating opportunities for collaboration. Whether it’s a freelancer seeking inspiration or an entrepreneur looking for potential business partners, the co-working space of Stay Open offers an excellent platform for professional growth and networking.

Community and Networking

One of the most significant advantages of staying at Stay Open is the vibrant community it fosters. The hotel’s communal areas, such as the rooftop terrace and communal kitchen, provide ample opportunities for guests to mingle, connect, and exchange experiences. Digital nomads and travelers from all walks of life come together, forming a diverse and inspiring community. Our co-working spaces have standing desks and we have a private soundproof Zoom booth.

In addition to the events hosted in the co-working spaces, Stay Open organizes regular social activities, ranging from yoga classes to group outings, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among guests. These activities not only enhance social connections but also enable guests to explore the city together, creating memorable experiences.

Sustainable and Eco-Conscious Practices

Stay Open is committed to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact. The hotel has implemented various eco-conscious practices, making it an appealing choice for eco-conscious digital nomads and travelers. Energy-efficient lighting and water-saving fixtures are just a few examples of Stay Open’s commitment to sustainability. By choosing Stay Open, digital nomads and travelers can contribute to a greener future while enjoying a guilt-free stay.


Stay Open is a trailblazing concept in the world of accommodation, specifically tailored to the needs of digital nomads and travelers. With its prime location, cutting-edge capsule design, state-of-the-art co-working spaces, and vibrant community, Stay Open has become the go-to choice for those seeking a perfect blend of convenience, affordability, and social engagement.

For digital nomads, the hotel’s proximity to tech hubs and co-working spaces ensures a seamless transition between work and play. Travelers, on the other hand, can explore the vibrant neighborhood of Venice Beach while enjoying the comfort and amenities provided by Stay Open.

In a world where connectivity and community are essential, Stay Open has reimagined the traditional hotel experience, creating a space that caters to the unique needs and desires of digital nomads and travelers. Whether you’re seeking productivity, adventure, or simply a place to call home away from home, Stay Open delivers an unmatched experience that leaves a lasting impression. Choose Stay Open for your next trip to Venice Beach, and unlock a world of possibilities.

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