Santa Monica is a city in Los Angeles that radiates a lively and creative spirit. With its vibrant community, diverse culture, and picturesque surroundings, Santa Monica plays host to a wide array of festivals and events throughout the year.

From music and arts to food and wellness, these gatherings showcase the city’s unique character and offer residents and visitors unforgettable experiences.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the most magnificent Santa Monica’s festivals and events, highlighting their significance and what makes them truly special.

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A Guide to top 5 Santa Monica’s Festivals and Events

1. Santa Monica Pier Twilight Concert:

One of the most iconic events in Santa Monica is the Santa Monica Pier Twilight Concert. Held during the summer months, this free outdoor concert series takes place on the historic Santa Monica Pier. The Santa Monica Pier Twilight Concert Series will be held in the month of August this year.

Featuring a diverse lineup of both renowned and emerging artists, the Twilight Concert Series attracts music lovers from all walks of life. The backdrop of the Pacific Ocean and the breathtaking sunset provides a stunning setting for these memorable performances.

From rock and pop to reggae and jazz, the series offers something for everyone, fostering a sense of community and shared love for music.

2. Santa Monica Festival:

The Santa Monica Festival is an annual celebration of art, culture, and sustainability. Held in the heart of the city, this family-friendly event brings together local artists, musicians, dancers, and community organizations. The Santa Monica Festival is typically held annually during the summer months. However, event dates can vary from year to year.

Attendees can engage in interactive art workshops, enjoy live performances, explore eco-friendly exhibits, and savor delicious cuisine from local food vendors. The festival aims to promote environmental awareness and inspire sustainable practices, making it a great platform for locals and visitors alike to come together and learn how to create a greener future.

3. Main Street Summer Soulstice:

Every June, Santa Monica’s Main Street comes alive with the Main Street Summer Soulstice festival. This vibrant street fair celebrates the summer soulstice  and the community’s love for music, art, and cuisine. 

The festival features multiple stages with live performances by local bands and musicians, showcasing a variety of genres from blues and rock to funk and soul. Every year, the vibrant Main Street Summer Soulstice festival graces Santa Monica, California, with its lively celebration during the month of June.

Visitors can browse through unique artisanal crafts, sample delicious food from local restaurants, and revel in the joyful atmosphere that permeates the streets. With its laid-back vibe and diverse offerings, the Main Street Summer Soulstice captures the essence of Santa Monica’s creative spirit.

4. Santa Monica Festival of the Arts:

The Santa Monica Festival of the Arts is a two-day event that brings together a wide range of artistic disciplines. Held at the Santa Monica Civic Center, this festival showcases the talents of local artists, including painters, sculptors, photographers, and performers. The Santa Monica Festival of the Arts typically takes place annually during the summer months.

Attendees can explore the open-air art gallery, participate in interactive workshops, watch captivating live performances, and even create their own masterpieces. With its emphasis on creativity and community engagement, the Santa Monica Festival of the Arts encourages artistic expression and fosters a sense of appreciation for the diverse arts scene in the city.

5. Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race & Ocean Festival:

For water sports enthusiasts, the Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race & Ocean Festival is a must-attend event. Participants of all skill levels gather to compete in various paddleboard races, showcasing their athleticism and passion for ocean activities. The Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race & Ocean Festival is an eagerly anticipated event that takes place annually in the month of June.

Spectators can enjoy exciting races, beachside entertainment, interactive exhibits, and a festive beach atmosphere. Whether you participate or simply cheer on the competitors, this event offers a thrilling experience for everyone.


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Santa Monica’s festivals and events offer an exciting glimpse into the vibrant spirit and rich cultural tapestry of the city. From the lively concerts on the Santa Monica Pier to the celebration of art, sustainability, and community at the Santa Monica Festival, these gatherings showcase the city’s commitment to creativity, diversity, and a sustainable future.

So, mark your calendars and immerse yourself in the lively festivities of Santa Monica – a place where the magic of community and culture come together in perfect harmony.